CRM & Sales Automation

Smart contacts - all customer data together

Import your contacts (customers, partners, journalists, all other stakeholders…). Do you need to keep track of your customer’s shoe size? No problem! Put any type of information you need. Data, documents, events… From now on, here is where you find everything. Moreover, Incomaker enriches the information automatically.


Business cases

Keep track of all your cases, from the first contact to the finished deal. See and measure the progress, watch the performance of your salespeople. Incomaker will predict future expected sales. Keep informed by automated messages, if something goes wrong, or when you have a new deal. Every progress generates events, so you can keep track of what happened.

Communication history & Email inboxes

Keep track of all communication with a client. Connect your email inbox and within minutes all information will be there from all meetings, phone calls, or even LinkedIn sessions. You will always know everything about your lead before the next call as if you had spoke together five minutes ago, and the progress will be measurable.

User Data

360° Contact profiles

Data you enter about your customers are just an outset. Incomaker enriches the database from various sources automatically. It uses social media, public resources, user’s tracking, and other open resources to provide you with a 360° profile. Knowing customers means knowing what they need, what information will be embraced and what not to send them. Do you need anything more to grow your sales?

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