Posting to Multiple Social Media Simultaneously

Run All of Your Social Media Accounts with Incomaker

Creating a social media presence for your company can be incredibly beneficial. Not only are you building a community for your customers, but you are also increasing their loyalty and in turn, increasing your sales.


Running multiple accounts and pages across different social media platforms can be frustrating and time consuming. Incomaker is designed to take away that frustration and save time by allowing you to post to all of your accounts, across different social media platforms, with just the click of a button.


How to Simultaneously Post to All of Your Social Media

To simultaneously post to social media with Incomaker, select Campaigns and then click Social media post.



Create your post inside the text box, and feel free to add your own emojis and placeholders by clicking the Emoticons dialog and/or Placeholder drop down boxes. Add a title and image to your post to increase its effectiveness. Under the section Account, you can choose the social media accounts that you wish to post your new content.


To post, either click Send and complete to post immediately or schedule your post for a later time by clicking Schedule.