According to various sources, emojis can increase email open rates by 5-20%. Emojis are a great way to grab the attention of your readers. Although emojis can be added to most content, they are more often used in social-media posts and email subjects.

While emojis can be useful, always keep in mind your target group and be careful not to use too many. Emojis work best for B2C products, especially for younger audiences.

A big advantage of using emojis is that users see them even if they choose not to download the images of an email. Keep in mind, the final appearance of emojis depends on the operating system and browser. Therefore your chosen emoji could look a bit different on someone else’s computer.

Adding Emojis

To add emojis, simply click the Emoticons Dialog drop down box when creating new text campaigns and choose from our wide variety of emojis!